Package as Control Library

Nov 5, 2009 at 4:50 PM

Currently the PropertyGrid control is in the same project as the demonstration. Although this isn't really much of a problem practically, it would be nice if the PropertyGrid was packaged in it's own assembly so it could be easily dropped into other projects. I'm happy to do this myself, but I was wondering if there is any reason it isn't like this already?

Nov 6, 2009 at 1:26 PM

This was a beta that showed how the PropertyGrid could be created and used. But, there are things that are still missing to make it a complete Project so that it could be used reliably as a packaged UserControl. To do that, the Component Model needs to be expanded to provide for object abstraction similar to the .NET Windows Forms Property Grid and Component Model. Which if you look at the SL3 CLR, MS has the interfaces and base classes there for the component model but no guts to them (I assume they put them there as place holders; for SL4 maybe). On another project where I used this I have re-created the missing pieces, but the Component Model of that project is customized specifically for it's own Object Model and is proprietary. If I had more time, I would complete this projects Component Model, but am working on too many projects right now. And hopefully MS will beat me to the punch and complete the Component Model of the CLR in it's next release and then this property grid would be fantastic.

So, if your object model is simple and doesn't use collections etc, and this beta works for you, then packaging as an Assembly should work just fine.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the feedback!